It simply works.

When our company was founded in 2001, we knew that we wanted to achieve something very special. This was obvious from our unusual company name, which combines the positive qualities of the busy bee with the technological knowledge of our engineers. BRAIN BEE produces innovative products that do exactly what they are supposed to. Highly precise and, most importantly, reliable.

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MAHLE | BRAIN BEE 每 Autodiagnosis Connex ST-9400 BT

// Autodiagnosis

Our diagnostic scan tools are still at the heart of our product portfolio.

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MAHLE | BRAIN BEE 每 Emission Opacimeters

// Emission

Devices for official inspections and tests on the composition of emissions, complying with appliwire national regulations.

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// AC Service

BRAIN BEE is a leading trademark of AC stations.

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MAHLE | BRAIN BEE 每 Fluid Service

// Fluid Service

The increasing popularity of automatic gearboxes demands new ways of servicing.

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MAHLE | BRAIN BEE 每 Warranty Line - Line Service Kit

// Warranty Line

BRAIN BEE*s service does not come to an end once you have bought our equipment.

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// Download

Download Brochures. Get all the information that you need from our product lines.

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// News

Starting October 1st, thanks to the agreement with the FCA Group, CONNEX will introduce the possibility to operate also on car models equipped with Security Gateway (e.g. 500X, ALFA GIULIA, ALFA STEVIO, JEEP RENEGADE… and many other models).

DIGITAL ADAS TECHNOLOGY wins the EQUIPAUTO INNOVATION AWARD in PARIS and obtains recognition and official approval by CESVI in France.


※Since we began working with MAHLE, we have introduced some important innovations that meet the needs of our main markets. By combining the strengths of MAHLE with the expertise of Brain Bee, we can create a solid foundation for supplying the aftermarket sector and original equipment manufacturers with innovative, high-quality products and services.§

Carlo Rocchi, CEO of MAHLE Aftermarket Italy S.p.A.
// Mahle and Brain Bee
The benefits of a strong group:

Acquiring a majority share in BRAIN BEE allows MAHLE to develop its expertise in vehicle diagnostics, emission testing, air conditioning servicing and fluid management. MAHLE Aftermarket is taking an important step towards becoming a solutions provider and significantly expanding its presence in the field of equipment and services for workshops, in particular on the European market.

Primarily in the area of diagnostics and air conditioning servicing there are many points of contact and synergies with MAHLE Service Solutions, the workshop equipment and services division of MAHLE Aftermarket Italy S.p.A.

Because of BRAIN BEE*s strong European presence, the takeover represents an important means of ensuring that the activities of MAHLE Service Solutions in the fields of vehicle diagnostics, air conditioning servicing and other workshop solutions meet the requirements of its customers even more closely, particularly in Europe. At the same time, BRAIN BEE can profit from the business success of MAHLE Service Solutions in North America.